The entire painting process from chemical pre-treatment through drying oven, booth for powder coating and curing oven is unified with the transport system. We offer:

  • Monorail (multi-rail) continuous, hanging overhead and floor conveyors
  • HELM transport 
  • Hanging overhead rail conveyor with modular drive

Transport system HANGING OVERHEAD CONVEYOR, produced by KEWSTA GmbH in Germany to the highest standards of energy consumption and security. Depending on the requirements, different types of hanging or floor conveyors are available. Automatic chain lubrication is provided. Drive and tensile group provides continuous and smooth operation without jerking and vibration. Hanging transportation conveyor must be accurately defined because once set the trajectory of conveyor is more difficult to change because it is based on a continuous chain.

HELM transport – a simple transport system, where the pieces were loaded on a cart and pulled to a desired position manually or semi-automatically. This transport system is used for translational  displacement.

Transport system HANGING OVERHEAD RAIL CONVEYOR WITH MODULAR DRIVE is a combination of the previous two types of conveyors that for each of its transport units has an independent drive. The electric motor via a snail-gear transmits through aluminum pipe rotary motion on the transport carriers through meshing between aluminum pipe and wheels of a carrier. Converting rotary motion into rectilinear is realized on the principle of spindle, each transport unit has an independent movement. These transportation solutions give greater possibilities of movement of the object in the coating plants.