The painting booth is designed with a flat bottom made from stainless steel, with one or two manual stations, with an access to the cyclone-filter section and one or two reciprocators. Dimensions of the booth are fully adapted to the production program of the company and the plant operation. The booths have their own lighting according to regulations and purpose.

Filter booths

Filter booths or booths for rapid intervention are intended when there is a need for fast color change. A lot of time would be lost for cleaning the booth and CFG to coat a few pieces. A booth of this design is very useful in large the plants, because dimensionally and functionally it meets the highest standards. It consists of a coating station, a filter wall and an exhaust motor section. Filter cartridges have self-cleaning and, if necessary, manual activation of self-cleaning, which relieves the deposited powder. Above the filters there is an accumulation section with Laval nozzles. At the exit there is a pre-filter which purifies exhaust air and calms it. In this way there is no loss of energy.

Booth with cyclonic filter group (CFG)

It is designed for automatic coating lines that require large amounts of air flow in the booth due to the use of reciprocators for automatic coating. This type of booth is used mainly for a smaller color range because of its high productivity and to minimize time loss with the process of cleaning the booth with CFG. For a larger range of colors in smaller quantities, it is more appropriate to use filter booths.

Combined painting booth

This booth is designed to be a fully independent facility within the existing workspace.
It is made of polyurethane panels and steel structures. The floor of the combined booth consists of a square tread and a system of channel vents, which are within the foundation, and are connected to the recirculation - exhaust system.
Dimensions of the booth fully meet the needs of the company. Transport of the pieces to the combined booth is done by means of a suspended conveyor or towed trolley. On the ceiling of the booth is a blow in cartridge that holds the absolute filter. Combined booths have two or more painting devices, as well as their own lighting. Recirculation-exhaust system is used for reheating the workspace and increasing or decreasing humidity. Channel vents linking flame chamber and blow in cartridge are isolated with rock wool, which prevents unnecessary heat loss.
Recirculation - exhaust system consists of:

• Heating (thermal) sections
• Pivot sections
• Exhaust section