After the powder spraying is completed the powder needs to polymerize at a temperature of 180 OC to 200 OC (depending on the powder manufacturer). This is done in curing ovens (furnaces), which are by their design identical to the drying oven.

Curing ovens can be designed as:

  • Pulse or
  • Continual type

Total power of an oven which runs on oil with an exchanger is up to 250kW. Thickness of the insulation is 180 mm PT rock wool.

Heating of the workspace in all versions of the oven is provided by circulation of air over the heater (heat exchanger). The heat exchanger is manufactured from heat resistant stainless steel and is completely insulated.

The temperature is regulated automatically. The temperatures of the oven and of the exhaust fumes are determined independently, which prevents heat energy loss.

The curing oven reaches the working temperature in 20 to 30 minutes (200 OC), while the drying oven reaches its temperature in 4 to 5 minutes.